Thursday, June 23, 2005

A Riddle

From my cognitive psychology textbook...

What is greater than God
More evil than the devil
The poor have it
The rich want it
And if you eat it you die?

(You can find the answer here.)


  1. Arrow’s impossibility theorem sounds interesting. Worthy of debate (have you debated it before?). But stating it as an argument for despotism seems misleading.

  2. Interestingly in the neoPlatonic tradition within Christianity God most often is a nothing. That is the not-a-thing. The ousia of God is invoked with these nothing paradoxes especially in the mystic tradition. Of course there then becomes the debate over the more than real vs. less than real and so forth.

  3. heh heh i thought it was money, oops! ;-)

  4. Whose textbook are you using?

  5. Anderson's latest.

    Though that'd be "was" using, as of 4:30pm this afternoon :)


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