Friday, June 24, 2005

Philosophers' Carnival #15

After a slight delay, the 15th Philosophers' Carnival is now up at The Buckingham Inquirer. I think some of the entries on science and ethics are especially interesting.

I'd also like to highlight a couple of interesting posts that didn't make it into the final carnival: one being a discussion of free will & capital punishment at the Garden of Forking Paths, and the other, David Velleman's "redefining adoption", on why it's morally problematic to "adopt" an embryo. (By the way, I tend to bookmark all such "passing links of interest" to my account, which is publically accessible here, in case anyone's interested.)

P.S. My own entry, A Reasonable Resolution, presents an argument deriving welfare rights from the libertarian right to non-interference. Comments and responses are, as always, most welcome.


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