Wednesday, December 02, 2020

Philosopher "Spotlight" Series

In a previous post, I summarized my published papers, with an eye to trying to answer the questions, "What makes your papers worth reading?" and "What insights or lessons from your work do you wish were more widely appreciated?"

I'm hoping to encourage more people to do the same, since I think it'd be (i) interesting, and (ii) helpful for discovering new papers I should read!  No need to list all your papers (unless you want to) -- even just highlighting a few favourites, with suitable summaries, could be really helpful.  You could also include works in progress if you wish. Be sure to provide links to your papers (or their associated PhilPapers pages) for ease of access.

Write your own blog post (or a public Facebook post or the like) doing this, and email me the link, and I'll add it to the link-list below. (Please also link here from your post, so that your readers can discover others in the series.)  I'll help to kick things off with a few invited contributions hosted here on my blog...

Eligibility: Anyone with a Ph.D. in Philosophy, or who has multiple publications in reputable philosophical journals (tracked by PhilPapers) is welcome!

Spotlight series to date: [to be updated]


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