Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Philosophers' Carnival #125

Welcome to the 125th Philosophers' Carnival -- a three-weekly roundup of philosophy blog posts from around the web.

Mind and Metaphysics

Kadri Vihvelin addresses Two Objections to the Possibility of Time Travel.

What Blag? puzzles over personal identity and the continuity of consciousness.

NChen at Gavagai! proposes an objection to Jackson's knowledge argument from anthropology and linguistics.

Chris at Only a Game offers a wide-ranging post exploring Walton on prop-oriented make-believe, Yablo's extension of these ideas to the uses of metaphor, and finally relating this to Ernst Cassirer on myth and language.


David Benatar, in The Philosophers' Magazine, argues that no life is good.

Tomkow discusses trolley problems (complete with cute cartoons).

Prosblogion hosts a large discussion thread on whether there can be objective moral significance without an eternal afterlife.


Nick at Yeah, OK, But Still discusses Nietzsche, Elitism and [Systematic] Theory.

Huenemanniac reviews Jessica Berry's Nietzsche and the Ancient Skeptical Tradition

Lewis Powell at Horseless Telegraph offers part 3 of a discussion of Adam Smith on Sympathy for the Deceased: Feeling for the Departed.

The Partially Examined Life offers a podcast on Hegel on Self-Consciousness.


Maryann Spikes presents an index for her detailed discussion of Norris' epistemology book.

Last but not least, the Experimental Philosophy blog hosts a discussion of whether there's anything left to debate about the value of x-phi in general.

* * *

That's it for this edition of the carnival. The next edition will be hosted by Kenny Pearce on June 6. After that, we need more volunteers to host! Send me an email if you're interested...


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