Monday, August 23, 2010

3QD Philosophy Nominations Open

The folks at 3 Quarks Daily asked me to share the news that they've opened nominations for the 'best philosophy blog post' of the last 12 months (to be judged by Columbia's Prof. Akeel Bilgrami, after a round of public voting to narrow down the field). Self-nominations are encouraged, so if you have a philosophy blog, head on over and share the link of your favourite recent(ish) post.

I'm thinking of sending in one of the following three posts:
- Species and Cognitive Enhancement (fun and interesting, though I don't say anything particularly original)
- Can Death Harm Non-Persons? (slightly more sophisticated, whilst still a topic of general interest)
- Acquired (Non-instrumental) Value (more theoretically insightful, I think, but of less general interest)

I'm currently leaning towards the middle option as a kind of compromise, but remain open to suggestions...


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