Saturday, June 26, 2010

RSS subscriptions

Given my sporadic posting of late, perhaps it's a good time to remind any less-geeky readers of the wonders of RSS feeds.

In short: Rather than having to manually visit each blog or website you follow to check for updates, an RSS reader (like Google Reader) keeps track of the website updates for you, and collects any new articles for you to read in one convenient location.

So, rather than having to check the front page of for new posts, you can simply subscribe to my RSS feed, and my new posts will automatically show up in your RSS reader. (But if you don't follow enough blogs or news sites to make an RSS reader worthwhile, you can subscribe via email instead.) Most other websites -- including philosophy journals -- provide their own RSS feeds. One notable exception is NDPR Reviews, for which I created an unofficial feed here.

Anyway, I highly recommend making use of such feeds, if you aren't already.

P.S. You can also use RSS feeds to send new articles from your favourite blogs and newspapers to your Kindle, as explained here.


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