Monday, February 02, 2009

About this blog

[My old 'introduction' was getting a bit outdated; here's a replacement.]

Welcome to Philosophy, et cetera. My name is Richard Chappell, and this blog contains my thoughts on academic philosophy and - occasionally - other stuff.

My 'web of beliefs' offers an overview of the past year's blogging, and of my various philosophical views. The main page sports my latest posts, or you can browse my monthly archives in the sidebar. Alternatively - and perhaps more usefully - you can scroll to the bottom of any page to see a list of 'categories', and select a topic of interest to peruse.  You might also want to check out my favourite posts, as well as my 'lessons' diagnosing common philosophical mistakes (which I hope may impart some useful insights to budding young philosophers).

Comments Policy

If you're an academic philosopher or grad student, go right ahead. Non-philosophers: read carefully. This blog is a place for me to explore my ideas. I welcome the opportunity to improve them, so intelligent critical feedback is greatly appreciated. To that end, here are some ground rules.
(1) Keep it focused. The comments section is emphatically not an invitation to rant or "express yourself" however you please. The purpose of the comment threads is to continue the specific conversation started in the main post. [Exception: open threads.] If you want your own soapbox, get your own blog.

(2) Add value to the conversation. Don't just assert your disagreement, offer reasons why I should change my mind. (Questions are also welcome, of course.)

(3) No trolls allowed. Maintaining this blog is my hobby; receiving rude or abusive comments is not.

In general, I reserve the right to delete any comment that I judge to detract from the discussion. (Its author may email me to request a copy of the deleted comment.)

On a more positive note:
* You're welcome to comment on older posts. As always, I can't promise to respond, but I often will. Links to 'Recent Comments' are listed in the sidebar.

* I recommend signing in with a Google/Blogger account, so you can check the 'email follow-up comments' box to be notified of any responses.

* If you'd like to discuss a new topic of interest (while respecting rule #1 above), feel free to email me the topic request, and I'll often be happy to start a new thread for that purpose. I'm also very open to the possibility of publishing 'guest posts' by other academic philosophers. Again, email me if you're interested.


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