Sunday, August 10, 2008

Online Philosophy

Don't miss the 75th Philosophers' Carnival, which includes our recent discussion of Moral Experts and a fun discussion over at Hallq's place concerning 'What Richard Chappell is Wrong About'!

Sympoze ('Digg for philosophers') looks promising. If it came to average a couple dozen users active (voting) per day, it could prove to be a very valuable filter for online philosophical content. Depending on certain technical fixes -- in particular, improved bookmarklet and blog-button functionality -- I'd give it better than even odds of success. What do you reckon?

P.S. I should finally be able to make a start on the PhilReview draft-sharing project soon (depending on a couple of factors outside my control). In the meantime, feel free to contribute any further design suggestions using the wiki.


  1. Hi Richard,

    I think improving the bookmarklet should be easy. I'm in touch with the developers of the module, and from reading the discussions on the bookmarklet, I suspect there will be an easy fix.

    A blog button that allows for external votes is already in the works by the developers of the module.


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