Monday, March 17, 2008

Good political blogs?

There are a number of good, thoughtful liberal blogs out there. I'd say hilzoy's Obsidian Wings is far and away the best.

There are a number of good, thoughtful libertarian blogs out there. Here my top vote goes to Will Wilkinson.

Can anyone recommend some comparably good, thoughtful conservative bloggers? (Jeremy Pierce is decent, but only occasionally writes on politics. Russell Arben Fox is also thoughtful, if idiosyncratic -- he certainly doesn't present a mainstream conservative perspective. So neither is quite what I'm looking for here.) Are there any Burkean traditionalists out there, offering wise counsel on the pressing issues of the day?

Consider this an open thread. If you can't recommend any conservatives, feel free to recommend someone else.


  1. Russ Douthat at the Atlantic and The American Scene are the conservative voices this liberal listens to. Also, I go to the Volokh Conspiracy for legal issues.

  2. Depending on exactly what you're looking for, the following all have strong points; when I'm feeling the taste for conservative politics, I usually go to one of them:

    The Postmodern Conservative (James Poulos)

    Eunomia (Daniel Larison)

    Cobb (Michael David Cobb Bowen)

    Booker Rising (Shamara Riley)

    BR is different; while it does have discussion (especially although not exclusively in the comments), it's primarily a news site pointing out black conservative and moderate commentary on various issues. Actually, they're all pretty different. Larison is probably closest to being Burkean; Bowen, I would think, is the least close to it.

  3. Thanks, Douthat and Larison look interesting.

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  5. liberal... conservative...
    to me its all just relative
    if right of right is left
    all is left is right, is right?


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