Monday, February 04, 2008

PC #62 + Poll results

Philosophers' Carnival #62 is here, with a great line-up by the looks of things (including some new blogs, which is good to see).

Update: and, for something completely different, the poll has now closed. As expected, most people responded incorrectly. (The question, recall, was Will the most common response to this poll be 'No'?)

Yes - 55
No - 53

So, the 'No's win this unpopularity contest. Congrats to us!


  1. Woohoo, i was right on the poll.

  2. You know, was hoping that the 2 votes will be equal so that it will ruin your dilemma. The people voting no will get it right then. Oh well.

  3. Actually now I'm not sure how I voted.. pretty sure it was no. but my logic was so convoluted...


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