Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Philosophers' Carnival #55

The Philosophers' Carnival has come to town early this month, with a great lineup presented by Thom Brooks here.

(Don't worry too much if you didn't get time to make a submission this time around, as we now have a full month before the next edition.)

Update: Actually, I wonder whether we should change the regular carnival frequency to fortnightly? We get so many submissions now, this might help hosts by keeping it down to a more manageable size. Any thoughts?


  1. Yes, I think a more frequent schedule is a good idea; those long carnivals are intimidating.

  2. I agree with Jonathan above.

    Right Reason just closed shop. Some other philosophy blogs seem lifeless. I wonder if more carnivals might help keep philosophy bloggers inspired to be more active. Just a thought.

    -Jonathan H.

  3. Frequency really ought to depend on quality. I'd personally prefer that the carnival had a fewer number of *really* good posts than a large number that one has to sift through to find the gold.

    Now it might be the case that you feel that *really* good entries are getting omitted at the moment because there are more brilliant entries than space.

    In that case, maybe change to fortnightly. Otherwise, I personally would prefer it kept as it is. The carnival is meant to "showcase" the best philosophy posts, and people who have little time (or little time for philosophy) are more likely to read it if it's fairly infrequent.

  4. I disagree with alex. I have VERY little time (I am a full time student with two 30hr/wk jobs and I am married with two children under seven), but I would enjoy MORE frequent carnivals with less/better quality posts (so as not to have to "sift" through them as mentioned above.

  5. More frequent, less posts. It will hardly save us time (2 time 1/2 equals 1, after all), but it will improve the carnival's profile (and its balance, probably) and make it more up-to-date (on average).

  6. I think there are advantages in either case. If the volume has really become an issue - we had four people working on our edition, so I'm not in a very good position to evaluate - then it would likely be better to make it more frequent.
    Anyone concerned with the content/quality should just apply those feelings to their hosting of the carnival. I don't mean to be dismissive, it's just that some people don't mind a longer list of some serious/some lighter posts.
    Like I said, either side has advantages...sorry if I haven't added much of anything useful.


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