Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Revived Discussions

Here are some old threads that have seen recent discussion (feel free to jump in!):

Aiding Infidelity
Multiversal Ethics
Is longevity good for you?
On Jealousy
The Problem with Non-Philosophers
Progress in Philosophy
Accommodating Unreason
Moral Goals vs. Side-Constraints
The Examined Life
Investing in Rational Capital
On your blog, anything goes?
Vigilantism and Civic Respect

P.S. You're also welcome to leave a comment here reminding me if you have an old question or objection somewhere that you would like me to address. (You can also ask new questions, for that matter.) I can't promise to spend any great amount of time on it, but I'll try to at least state my position on the issue, if not argue for it.


  1. good idea to do this - otherwise intresting comments might go un-noticed

  2. I am interested to hear a response to the last comment on "Explaining Beliefs." The post seems to suggest that an awful lot of History of Science is pointless - which I hope is not the case!


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