Saturday, August 04, 2007

Pick your candidate

Here's a fun quiz (HT: Parableman). My results:
Kucinich 38
Gravel 35
Richardson 27
Clinton 26
Edwards 26
Dodd 24
Obama 23
Biden 22
Paul 8
McCain 6
Giuliani -8
Thompson -14
Cox -14
Brownback -22
Huckabee -25
Tancredo -33
Hunter -34
Romney -36

Aside from civil liberties, most of the quizzed issues weren't ones that I really care about all that much. (All things considered, I would rank Obama much higher, and Clinton perhaps slightly lower. I don't know much about the minor candidates though.)


  1. Gravel 56
    (you have no disagreements with this candidate)

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  3. I got

    Kucinich 44
    Clinton 36
    Obama 36
    Biden 33
    Edwards 32
    Gravel 31
    Dodd 31
    Richardson 21
    Giuliani 8
    Paul 1
    Thompson -3
    McCain -13
    Cox -17
    Brownback -23
    Romney -23
    Tancredo -34
    Huckabee -34
    Hunter -35

    No major objections - socially speaking im a moderate liberal.

  4. "I would rank Obama much higher"

    is that a function of the weightings and the absence of certain key questions? or somthing else?


  5. actually now that I understand hte positions a bit better Kucinich drops a biut lower for example "iran military action" is not "lets do it" it is jsut "an option". presumably someone like obama means "its just stupid to remove options" as opposed to "there is a high chance we will do it"

  6. Apparently I should vote for Kucinich because of the No Child Left Behind Act. Otherwise I think guy is a clown.

  7. GNZ - One of the reasons I'd favour Obama is that (from what I gather) he comes much closer to representing my meta-political views than any of the other candidates. That is, I think he'd be good for democracy and civic engagement. Also - importantly! - he seems to be very intelligent and have good judgment. (Though I guess it's hard to separate such attributions from "he agrees with me on the issues"!) Plus his solid Senate record - see Hilzoy's post.

  8. At least you didn't get positive values for any of the evolution-deniers (Brownback, Huckabee, and Tancredo).

    I think we can safely rule out Kucinich, considering he's furthest to the left. Even if he won the democratic nomination, which does not seem likely, I don't think he'd be too popular with Republicans.


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