Monday, August 06, 2007

Philosophers' Carnival News

The 51st Philosophers' Carnival is now up at Enigmania.

We seem to have finally exhausted the pool of new hosts, so the next carnival edition will once again be held right here at Philosophy, et cetera. (Submit your entry here!) Any other past hosts who are keen to go again should simply send me an email, and I'll put you down for the next available spot -- currently late October. New volunteers are of course also welcome at any time. (See also the hosting guidelines.)

Also, those who are less inclined towards analytic philosophy may be interested to learn of Nathan Everson's new Postmodern Philosophy Carnival. Jared of Sportive Thoughts has also put together a Deleuze Carnival.


  1. Thanks for the shout-out, Richard!

  2. Is there a theme to the next carnival?

  3. No, just whatever philosophy I find interesting :-)

  4. The link to the Carnival homepage wasn't working today btw

  5. Oops, thanks for informing me! (It turns out Blogger's bots flagged it as a "spam blog". I've requested a human to correct their error.)

  6. That had me worried for a while. As long as it's still happening, I'm happy.


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