Friday, March 02, 2007

Citizens, Carnivals, and Symposia

The 4th (and perhaps final) Carnival of Citizens is now up at Positive Liberty.

My post on Religion and Deliberation elicited an interesting response from Mark Olsen (I've left a comment there, in turn). Another post, by Ruth Joy, argues that Democracy Needs Religion. Her post rests on the confusion of religion with ethical reasoning (moral philosophy). What we really need, of course, is the latter. ("Without it, we are left [with] making decisions based on force or power.")

Moving on, Don Jr. has helpfully organized a new Citizens’ Symposium, which will hopefully prove more successful at fostering dialogue than the old carnival format. The first edition will be on the topic of "free speech", with entries due by March 24th. Consult the website for further details -- and spread the word!


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