Saturday, June 11, 2005

Kiwi Carnival

[Update: The Kiwi Carnival has been shut down until further notice.]

Given the success of the Philosophers' Carnival, I was thinking it might be worthwhile organizing something similar for the New Zealand blogosphere. There are so many kiwi blogs around that I can't keep track of them all. So it would be nice to have a weekly or fortnightly roundup of the best posts from around the country. As with the Philosophers' Carnival, this would serve to benefit both readers and authors. It might also benefit the kiwi blogging community as a whole, by encouraging dialogue across party lines, and promoting substantive debate over mere partisan hackery.

How does it work?

Every fortnight, each blogger may submit a single recent post of theirs, according to the instructions below. The carnival host then assembles a post to showcase them all, offering a brief description and linking to each entry.

I will continue to update this page with new information and links to each new Kiwi Carnival as it is published.

Submission Instructions:

1) Choose your favourite recent post on a topic that relates to New Zealand life or politics.

2) See the list below to work out who the next host is. Submissions are to be made via email, so you will need to find the host's contact information (which should be available on their blog). Alternatively, you may send your submission to me and I will forward it on.

3) Emailed submissions should have "Kiwi Carnival" in the subject line, and the message should include the following details: blog name, post title, URL, and a short description.


As with all blog carnivals, we will aim to have a different host each time. If you would like to host a future carnival, email me, and I'll add you to the list below. (Note: A few days before the carnival, hosts should promote the carnival on their blog, and provide an email address for readers to send submissions to.)

Kiwi Carnival Archive:

19 June 05 - Philosophy, et cetera - Carnival #1
3 July 05 - Spanblather - Carnival #2
17 July 05 - No Right Turn - Carnival #3
31 July 05 - Not For Sale - Carnival #4
20 Aug 05 - Random Contributionz - Carnival #5
4 Sep 05 - Forum for Expression and Procrastination - Carnival #6


  1. Excellent idea Richard. I'm keen, and I've promoted the idea on my blog. (And yeas, I know I still owe you a response.)

  2. Sounds good to me Richard. I have a question. Are you prepared to include blog posts from ex-pat Kiwis (i.e. bloggers who are out of the country) as long as they are somehow related to New Zealand?

  3. I'll host it on the 'host needed' day.

  4. (Note that we still need a host for carnival #2, as Jason's blog currently lacks permanent links and archiving, so he will be unable to host the carnival until that is fixed.)

  5. what the hell, i'll do it :-)

  6. Proud to be Kiwi, happy to be hosting.
    Too bad bizgirl has ceased & desisted, Im sure she would have had some pearls to offer.

    (I'm Not for Sale if it isn't obvious)

  7. Hi Richard,
    I've written to N.Z. Bear of The Truth Laid Bear and asked him to add the Kiwi Carnival to his uebercarnival page and he's agreed. It's not up yet, but when it is, it'll be here:

  8. I like the idea of promoting kiwi bloggers so I've added a stack to my hobby/test site at and at the very least you'll get a stack of google friendly inbound links.

    If you're not there, just let me know.

    I've noticed that most kiwis use blogger blogs (like this one) but there is a huge flaw in the templating from a usability and SEO perspective. For more info check out my blog: Essential change to Blogger Templates

  9. Well, I personally enjoyed having an excuse to trawl through blogs, but I can see why you've decided to call it a day Richard.

    I only had two submissions (Yours and Span's) for #6.

    I have the following reasons for why this idea has tended to capsise.
    -The Carnival is not centralised specifically around an idea. I think that "NZ Pol Digest" might work, rather than being NZ focused. We didn't find our niche.
    -It's easy to find good NZ blogs. There's probably 10 or so that everyone already checks.


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