Wednesday, April 13, 2005

What a difference a day makes

Today I'm a year older than I was yesterday. Or perhaps a decade older, if you prefer to count in discrete units of ten. To celebrate, my junk email folder informs me that I won four lotteries this morning between 2 and 3am. Better yet, Google has me at #4 (of 27 million) on their list of top philosophers. And yes, I did describe that in an extremely misleading way. So sue me.

In other news, life is stressful. Okay, maybe 'news' is supposed to have something 'new' in it, but never mind that. I have to write an essay on well-being for my political philosophy class -- hence the recent flurry of posts on that topic. Blogging is a useful way to trick myself into doing essay preparation without actually, well, working on the essay. I really should start that though. Except I also need to study for a cognitive psyc test, and start planning my psyc project. And this is the last week of "holidays" (as if!), and boy do I need a holiday! Argh.

Update: I just won another lottery. What a day.


  1. Looks like number six to me. And it's a post which talks about something I said, which makes me nearly as famous, right?


  2. Ah, damn, I'm slipping in the polls! ;)

  3. you might be happy to note that you are currently sitting at #2. The dip in the polls didn't last long!

    and i identify well with the blog posts and essays. the series i did a while back on belief adscription will hopefully become the backbone of a paper to be written in a day or two. after i finish the other three papers expected of me. *sigh*


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