Wednesday, December 29, 2004

Philosophers' Carnival #7

The 7th Philosophers' Carnival has just been published at Mixing Memory. This could be my favourite one yet, with a lot of really interesting links, which are introduced in some detail and tied together nicely by Chris. He also adds some important editorial comments towards the end, calling for more entries from female bloggers and/or philosophy done in the 'continental' and historical traditions. (I personally prefer the 'analytic' approach, but I still agree with Chris' remarks, as I'd like to see a broader range of philosophical approaches represented in future carnivals.)

One other thing: I notice that a couple of submitted entries didn't appear in the final carnival (possibly due to space constraints). But as I very much appreciate people making the effort to submit their posts, I'd like to offer them some recognition here instead. One of these was MelbournePhilosopher's Parable of the Mugs, which raises some interesting questions about collective responsibility. Another is Chase's post on 'change' and personal development at Blindman.

Many thanks to everyone who participated; and to everyone else, I hope you enjoy the carnival!


  1. Kudos to the whole carnival concept. I especially like it as I rarely read the blogs that aren't primarily devoted to philosophy. (i.e. they are more political or spend most of the time on "journal" like entries) A lot of times there are some good posts that I miss because of this. So the Carnival is always enjoyable. I really think this one was one of the best. 

    Posted by Clark Goble

  2. Thanks! I've been pleasantly surprised by how well the whole endeavour has turned out, actually. (I had half expected it to run out of steam after a couple of months.) 

    Posted by Richard


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