Tuesday, December 28, 2004

Greatest (Google) Hits

One of the more entertaining things about keeping a site meter is watching the 'referrals' page, to see all the bizarre search-engine queries that bring people to my site. Here's a taste of some of them:
  • evil mcdonalds truth

  • philosophers tackles about philosophy of man

  • sex cetera

  • "little boxes" ticky tacky wav

  • Evolution of Whales - Maori Epistemology

  • Possibile moves in Level 3 game of Tic Tac Toe

  • Robert Nozick's God's Plan + aliens

  • For some, I used to be on the front page but now (alas) don't turn up in the search at all. For example:
  • is there really ghosts??philosophy

  • how is math used in the work of a crime scene investigator?

  • things people believe in such as santa clause , coca-cola etc-

  • evolutionary argument for interracial attraction

  • I hope they all eventually found whatever it was they were looking for.

    Update: I might as well also highlight the most common google searches which bring people to my site. I'm in the 'top 10' Google results for is-ought (and is-ought gap), normativity, "J.S. Mill's harm principle", and - strangely enough - Reggie Dwight!

    2nd Update: I forgot some other common searches: Richard Chappell (naturally enough), this sentence is false, and Where did Machiavelli live? (for which I somehow got to #1 without even addressing the question!)


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