Friday, December 03, 2004

The Carnival Approaches

The sixth Philosophers' Carnival will be held next Monday, 6 Dec, and hosted by Melbourne Philosopher.

If you have a philosophy-related blog, we'd love to hear from you. Do consider submitting a post!

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  1. I wouldn't say I'm jumping up and down to host it, but I can. I'm behind a 1500/256 ADSL connection, and while I have unmetered uploads, if it is very high-volume, then bandwidth will be a problem. (For example if > 5 people simultaneously are trying to access it, it will visibly slow). But if that's unlikely, then I guess I'll do it for elephant stamps...


    Posted by Tennessee Leeuwenburg

  2. I could host it too. Admittedly my connection is much better than T's but I'm not an english native speaker.


    Posted by enwe

  3. The more the merrier!

    (Of course we can only have one "host" at a time, but it's good to have some more volunteers to host future carnivals.)

    As I just wrote to T in an email, I think we could avoid the bandwidth problems if he posts the carnival on his Blogspot blog.

    Enwe, your english looks fine to me. I could put you down for a future carnival (say mid-January), if you like? 

    Posted by Richard

  4. Yes, mid-january would be great. (Next week, I'll have a conversation with my future supervisor. But in january, I can spend more time with the carnival.)  

    Posted by enwe


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