Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Philosophers' Carnival #158

Welcome to the 158th Philosophers' Carnival, a collection of recent philosophical blog posts that you might find of interest.

* At PEA Soup, featured philosopher Nomy Arpaly invites questions about her work, and discusses the relationship between moral worth (or praiseworthiness) and right-making features.

* Zee Perry at Aesthetics for Birds presents "What Artworks Hide From Us", discussing some very interesting cases in which artworks (e.g. plays) seem to contain more than what is presented to the audience.

Philosophy Bites features Jennifer Saul speaking on implicit bias and its philosophical implications.

* Scott Alexander of Slate Star Codex offers a (sort of) left-libertarian manifesto.

* Brandon at Siris discusses "talismanic appeals to philosophers" (esp. Hume).

* Leiter hosts an interesting comment thread about "the most important questions facing us".

* Those who answered the previous question with "climate change" may be interested in The Philosopher's Beard's post on the contribution "moral philosophers [can] make to public reasoning about global warming".

* Avery Archer at The Space of Reasons offers a putative counterexample to the necessity of identity.

* Jason Zarri of Philosophical Pontifications explores our understanding of 'square circle' -- and will be hosting next month's carnival.



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