Thursday, November 28, 2013

Recommended Products?

Lifehacker has a Thanksgiving list of the 50 free apps they're most thankful for, which is worth checking out.  I especially recommend:

LastPass - for internet security, and incredible convenience -- everyone should have this.
* Dropbox - easy-to-use cloud storage and backup: don't lose all your work when your computer explodes.
* Adblock Plus
* F.lux - warms screen colour at night, both looks better and reduces insomnia
* Mint - to easily keep track of your finances

I would also add Fences if you have a lot of desktop icons -- it lets you bundle them into groups, like in the good old days of Windows 3.1.  (I've never understood why Microsoft dropped that feature.)

Also: get yourself some custom search codes.  It's great to just be able to type "goto XYZ" into the address bar and have Google Maps pop up with directions from my home to XYZ.

Other recommendations:
Shop via Amazon Smile to have Amazon donate a small percentage of eligible purchases to a charity of your choice (e.g. the Against Malaria Foundation, or American Red Cross).

* Google Chromecast -- for sending Netflix (etc.) from your phone/tablet to your TV.

* Dominion (and expansions) -- best board game around, a must-have for fans of Settlers of Catan.

* Robin Hobb's fantasy novels, especially the Liveship Traders trilogy.

* Kasugai Gummies may be the best candy I've ever come across.  (My favourite flavours are lychee, yuzu, muscat, and grape; kiwi and apple are both good too.)

* Amex Blue Cash Preferred credit card -- 6% cash back on groceries and 3% back on gas more than makes up for the $75 annual fee.

* Ally Bank checking account -- no fees + refunds all ATM fees.

What do you recommend, as things you're thankful for that may be of interest to a general audience and/or to readers of this blog?  Random suggestions welcome!

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  1. YouTube Ratings Previewer! It's a plugin for Chrome and I assume other browsers too.

    I don't know why YouTube removed ratings previews. This allows you to see the Likes/Dislikes bar before clicking on the video.


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