Thursday, April 18, 2013

Testing Google+ Comments System

The good folks at Blogger have released a new commenting platform that's integrated with Google+, which I'm curious to try out.

The main advantages seem to be:
  • Any public discussions of the blog post on Google+ will also show up on the blog itself
  • Comments get a "+1" button, and can be sorted by rating so the best comments drift to the top.
  • More privacy options: you can post non-public comments, only shared with certain "circles" of friends, if you prefer.
  • Commenters can easily "share" their comments on Google+, encouraging more people to join in the discussion.
Potential disadvantages:
  • Google account required to comment
  • Limited threading of comments (only nests 1 reply deep, it seems?)
What do you think?

Update: reverted to the old commenting system, for two main reasons.  (1) I don't seem to be notified in any way of new comments, unlike old system where I receive email notifications (and readers can likewise subscribe for email or RSS updates to a particular thread).

(2) As a reader pointed out, there are real concerns about the long-term accessibility of comments using the new system.  The old system seems more stable.  (For example: the old comments still appear when you switch to the new system.  But new Google+ comments do not remain if you switch back to the old one.  They thus seem more "fragile".)

If these two problems are addressed in some future update, I may later make the switch.

1 comment:

  1. Hello!
    I've landed on this blog, searching for something else (more exactly, for a way to find the old comments in Google+, which, surprisingly, seems to be something really challenging and close to impossible). For an exchange, I've found out an answer for another of my questions. That would be: "Is it or is it not a good idea to switch to the Google+ comment system?". Considering my own experience and - now - your valuable feedback , I know the answer to this question : better to keep it simple and stick with the in-house Blogspot comment system.

    The main thing that appreciate about your feedback, is finding out that, if one is tempted to try the Google+ comment system and he is not pleased with it, he can revert back to the old system. Well, it is odd, but I've found nowhere this valuable piece of information. On contrary, somewhere some blogger was warning his readers of the irreversibly of the switching process! But, now, considering the fact that he is still using the Google+ comment system, I wonder if he ever tried to switch back? Anyway, you speak from your own experience. So, I want to thank you for sharing this (as humble and meager this info it may seem to you, it is of great importance or others)!


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