Sunday, August 15, 2010

Recent Work

Long time no blog! (Internet access is still a scarce resource in the antipodes...) Anyhow, as a quick update:

(1) I presented my 'Value Holism' [pdf] talk at the University of Canterbury 'Philosophy Discussion Retreat' in Kaikoura (a very fun trip!).

(2) I then gave an ANU 'PhilSoc' talk titled 'Moral Primitives: fitting attitudes for consequentialists' -- the content of which should end up being the first chapter of my dissertation. (This paper grew out of my earlier stuff on global consequentialism, but I'm reworking it to focus on the more general question of how acts are normatively assessable in importantly different ways from mere evaluands.)

(3) I've also been prettifying my CV in LaTeX, and getting back into using Ubuntu over Windows -- I might end up writing some tips for the latter in the future post.

Any additional feedback on the linked papers (especially the second) would be most welcome!

Tech tip: if you hate opening PDFs because Adobe Reader takes so long to load, uninstall that resource hog and download the near-instant Sumatra PDF viewer instead. Or, if you prefer in-browser viewing, try this Google Viewer bookmarklet (from here) before clicking the pdf links above.

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