Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Comment Box Woes?

Alex notes:
perhaps this is just me - though I doubt it - but this comment box is weird. I can't move the text cursor around except by mouse, and nor can I cut, copy or paste in it

Anyone else having problems? (Please email if you somehow can't leave comments at all!)

N.B. I sometimes get an error the first time I click 'post comment' (if I'm not already logged in), but a second click always does the trick. I haven't noticed any other problems myself (using Firefox and Chrome). But if enough others are having persistent problems, I guess I'll have to shift back (yet again!) to the awful 'pop up' comments page.


  1. Something else I think I noticed is that you don't have leave a comment in the feed. Is that still true, or do I have you confused with someone else.

    I know that I don't see comments in my feed either. This happened to me once before, and it eventually went away, but I may have to write support to see why only the comments link on my feed is gone.

  2. Huh, you're right -- looking at my rss feed, there's a "post a comment" link for posts written before 27 Sept, but not for more recent posts. I have no idea why that is. (Presumably an independent bug in feedburner.)

  3. Firefox won't let me comment here, I'm using Opera right now.

    It's not just your site, I'm having an identical problem on similar sites.

  4. I should add: I'm running firefox. The reason I said that I doubt it's me is because I'm not having the same problem anywhere else.


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