Monday, November 17, 2008

Philosophers' Carnival #82

Welcome to the 82nd Philosophers' Carnival -- a collection of some of the best recent philosophical blog posts from around the web.

Moral Philosophy

Guy Kahane of Practical Ethics presents 'The Great Botox Experiment in Mood Enhancement', and raises some interesting questions about the ethical implications of emotional contagion.

Karl discusses what he calls a moral version of Moore's Paradox: the assertion, "P, but I (morally) must not believe that P." (It's not too clear where the paradox comes in, since it seems consistent to believe P whilst thinking oneself immoral for doing so. One might also question whether it's really the holding of a belief that's immoral per se, or whether certain beliefs are instead merely symptomatic of some other moral shortcoming. But the post raises some interesting issues, in any case.)

History and Culture

Michelle discusses Plato on the use of play in education.

Ashok of 'Rethink' explores the relation between philosophy and comedy, with reference to Aristophanes' The Clouds.

Kenny Pearce, inspired by Berkeley, raises the question: Does Philosophy 'Trickle Down'?

Metaphysics and Epistemology

Gualtiero Piccinini argues for the possibility of Self-Knowledge without Introspection, pointing out that we ordinarily act on our mental states without need for introspection, and self-ascribing attitudes is just another form of behaviour, so why must this case be any different?

Andrew Bacon asks: When do two objects touch? It's more complicated than you might expect.

Quee Nelson discusses radical skepticism, while Aaron at FSPB explores The New Riddle of Induction.

John Wilkins at 'Evolving Thoughts' discusses classification into superficial 'types' vs. more deeply related 'taxa' (natural kinds?)

Finally, let me highlight a recent post of my own, connecting the epistemological issues of Personal Bias and Peer Disagreement.

* * *

That's it for this edition -- thanks to all who submitted a post! Since the participation rate seems to be dropping off a bit of late, the carnival will return to a 3-weekly (rather than fortnightly) cycle. If you'd like to host a future edition of the carnival, check out the hosting guidelines and drop me an email.

The next edition will be hosted by The Uncredible Hallq on Dec 8. (Go here to submit an entry for consideration.)

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  1. Thanks so much for the carnival! It's a small number of entries, but there's still enough here to keep me occupied for a long while. These carnivals are always really dense reading.


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