Tuesday, November 04, 2008

Philosophers' Carnival #81

The 81st Philosophers' Carnival is up at Arbitrary Marks -- very short and sweet this time around, with just five submissions making the final cut. Remember, if you would like to see more in future carnivals, it's up to you to submit something good (whether your own blog post or someone else's).

We've also run out of volunteer hosts, so I'll be taking care of the next one right here at Philosophy, et cetera. If you have a philosophy blog but haven't yet hosted the carnival, consider giving it a shot! (See here for hosting instructions/guidelines.) And even if you have hosted a prior edition of the carnival -- especially if this was over 6 months ago -- you're very welcome to host another.

Again, the carnival depends on your participation. So consider this a hypothetical imperative: if you think it's worth maintaining, then chip in. (If not enough people still find it worthwhile, then of course its 'retirement' would be no great loss. So it's really up to you, collectively.)


  1. I'd love to but until after Christmas I'm just so busy I don't think I'd be a wise choice.

    It's too bad the past carnivals have been lackluster. There were some great ones this summer and normally the summer is the weakest period.

  2. I wonder if this is an indication that PC is better monthly? (I find fortnightly ideal for reading PC, but I'm hardly typical:)

  3. Yeah, reverting to the 3-weekly schedule, at least, is a possibility I'll bear in mind. But let's see how the next couple of editions go. (The submissions I've received so far this week look quite promising, actually...)


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