Friday, June 13, 2008

New Website

Crooked Timber has a post on 'The importance of Web sites for academics'. It seems like good advice, so I've composed this page (now linked in the sidebar, in place of the generic philosophy department homepage which is currently broken in any case). Design tips welcome.


  1. Nice, but one thing: your page has no right margin, at least according to my version of Firefox. The text is actually a few pixels over in some cases. Shrinking text size with "ctrl -" doesn't help any.

  2. Mostly looks good, but I agree with Hallq that the lack of right margin is a problem. I need to put up a page myself.

  3. Ah, snap on the new homepage.

    Put in a right sidebar division too, even if you leave it blank. Your main body of text looks short and fat, and a right sidebar would fix this (I suspect the problem is worse on bigger monitors than mine).

    Here is a website on typography. That particular page is on optimal line width, and suggests that 45-75 characters is ideal.

    Beyond that, it's good.

  4. I think it is pretty good though I agree with others about the right margin. I went for the flash version myself, based on your old blogger template actually:

  5. Yeah, I previously had the main column set to a fixed pixel width, which would require scrolling on smaller screens. I've changed it to 33em (66 characters) so users can incr/decr text size to customize the display appropriately.

    (I'm not sure what is the best way to ensure that the two columns fit well on different computers and monitors. The left one is a fixed size to fit the photo, so if I set the right column to a proportional size, e.g. 55%, then on smaller monitors it won't fit to the right and will instead appear underneath the left column.)


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