Wednesday, December 05, 2007

UNICEF Facebook Chain

Peter Unger writes (via Brian Berkey):
Now that December is here, I’m contacting all my Facebook Friends, and then some, to help me generate a “Facebook Chain of Giving” for UNICEF.

Unfortunately, there’s a 4.5% multiple-party processing charge on any of these donations. So, for my recent Kick-Off donation of $1000 – to forge the first link of this chain – some $45 went to just lubricating the Facebook pipeline – and only $955 went to UNICEF. (Actually, it’s even a bit worse than that, but the details will bore you to death.) So if you give $10, then, in a parallel way, (over) 45 cents will go to lubricating that pipeline, and (less than) $9.55 will go to UNICEF.

Still, if we can generate a big chain, the lubrication money will be very well spent – gaining many first-time donors of record for UNICEF, quite a few of whom may go on to give quite a bit, over the next several decades: Of course, and as is all too well-known, when even cherry-picked charitable folks are approached by UNICEF in conventional ways –as with direct mailings – hardly ever do more than 1 percent of the recipients give any positive response at all, even as much as a single dollar. And, even with the likes of a Tsunami having occurred only recently, less than 3 percent will give even a single dollar.

So, let’s have a go at this – and see how we fare. To join the chain, you needn’t give more than $10 (for which amount you’ll receive documentation for a tax-deduction) and, you needn’t contact more than two of your Facebook Friends about this hopefully growing chain – who aren’t already links in the chain.

At least at this starting stage, I think you all may be nearly as optimistic as I am. It’s a fun thing – with lots of potential for many long Facebook News Feeds. Indeed, in the first couple of days, this effort has already seen a pretty impressive result - surprisingly impressive, in fact.

On behalf of the vulnerable children in the world’s horrendously poor “bottom billion”, and resolving to remain your Facebook Friend, in any event, I’ll presume to thank you in advance,

It's a neat idea. I've signed up and made a donation. If you would like to do the same, you can join my link of the UNICEF chain by clicking here! [From there you can: (1) join the group; (2) donate $10 or more; (3) invite your friends to do likewise.]

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  1. Richard,

    Giving to UNICEF in this Facebook chain is a great idea. I have been wanting to give for a while, and somehow have never had the appropriate opportunity come up.

    I decided to match your donation.

    Thanks for setting a good precedent.


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