Tuesday, August 14, 2007


At my brother's insistence (he wants to beat me at geography games), I've finally signed up for this "Facebook" thing that's taking over the interweb. It even sports a "David Lewis Appreciation Society". Any other Facebook recommendations?


  1. There's also the Frege Appreciation Society, Friends of W.V. Quine, and The Timothy Williamson Appreciation Society.

    A group with interesting posts is Good Grammar is Hot.

    I'm not necessarily endorsing these groups, but they're out there if you're interested.

  2. I am personally a fan of "give me grammar or give you death," in that realm.

  3. There's a group for philosophy bloggers.

  4. Ha, David Chalmers turned me into a zombie...

  5. >Ha, David Chalmers turned me into a zombie...

    Oh, and I thought that application was mindless fun.

    As a two-year veteran of Facebook, my one bit of advice is to be aware that many facebook groups are nothing more than jokes you can tell to your friends without having to remember them, either via newsfeed or via invites. Think carefully about whether you want to be involved in such a system.


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