Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Eight Random Personal Facts

Jean Kazez says I'm supposed to list eight random facts about myself, and then tag eight random people to repeat the process. Here goes:

1) I feel inappropriately proud of having only vacuumed my dorm room once last year.

2) I rarely get sick, except on Good Friday. (Sympathy pains?)

3) I was kind of hoping to avoid this meme, but - like many things, I find - it's not so bad once you start.

4) I have four brothers. (Mum gets a lot of sympathy.)

5) We got what we thought was a female cat, but it turned out to be male too. We decided "Murphy" was a fitting name. I'm gonna miss that furball.

6) I played the oboe for a while in high school. It was a short while.

7) I'm beginning to think that eight facts is a bit much to ask, really.

8) My first computer was an Apple IIe, with no hard drive. I would amuse my 8-year-old friends by running the program:
10 PRINT "Enter name 1";: INPUT name1$
20 PRINT "Enter name 2";: INPUT name2$
40 x = INT(RND(1)*100) + 1
50 PRINT name1$;" loves ";name2$;" ";x;"%"
60 END
We were easily amused.

I'll tag: Jared, Isa, Chris, Blar, Clark, Brian, Macht, and Kyle.
(But feel free to disregard if you wish.)


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