Tuesday, August 07, 2007

Comprehensive Philosophy Blogroll

Chris Hallquist writes:
I've decided to embark on a project of creating a comprehensive blogroll of philosophy blogs. Once I work out the bugs, anyone will be able to add one of three versions to their blog: full, 25 most recent, and scrolling. I've got the code for the full version posted already: [link]

Could you announce this so that people can 1) send in their links and 2) add it if they so choose?


  1. Related to this let me also inform the readers of Philosophy Et. Cetera, about two things which are functioning for few months already:

    Power-Blogroll aggregator is a page which contains links to posts written in the last 24 hours from about 150 philosophy blogs. And for each post there is short introduction, information about who wrote it, etc... Some of the blogs are grouped by topic (e.g. Mind, Religion). Includes information also about newest entries and changes on SEP, and Notre Dame Reviews. The information is updated every 2 hours.

    At the bottom there is list of all the blogs used, and also information about when they were last updated, and link to the archive for previous days.

    The Philo-Top Technorati Stats List gives the Technorati ranking of those 150 blogs. This list is updated once every day.

  2. Oh, yes, I'd forgotten about those resources -- thanks!


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