Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Referrer Tracking

Here's a handy new discovery: Check out ReefeRSS if you want to keep track of where visitors to your website are coming from. (Unlike Sitemeter, it automatically converts google urls to search strings, making them far easier to read!) Like everything good on the internet, it's free.

Just for fun, I've used the RSS feed to add a "Last 5 Referrers" section to my sidebar. It's a nice way to automatically reciprocate if anyone links to this blog.

Warning: I do notice some disturbing google searches from time to time. I can remove the display if it gets too offensive.


  1. That's nice! But it's probably useless for me since I already know where most of my visitors are coming from: this site. :)

    I see that your google searches are actually somewhat related to the topic of your blog. I usually get random things like "nazism in Germany" and "Isa Espresso Maker". Needless to say, these people do not stay very long.

  2. Hmm, just a query but how do you power the commenting elsewhere feed? Are you using delicious or something else?


  3. Yip, -- I think they call it a "linkroll" or something.

  4. Thanks for the amazingly swift response. So you need to tag each post when you make a comment? Fair enough. I'm testing cocomment at the moment, although I don't have a blog to integrate it into that seems to suit, doesn't really make sense as part of a group blog.


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