Friday, April 06, 2007

Odds and Ends

- Many thanks to Michael and David for their engaging guest posts during my absence!

- The latest Philosophers' Carnival is here.

- Apparently the PGR / Leiter rankings may not always show up on the first page of a google search for "Brian Leiter". That's a bit inconvenient for people searching for this information, so if you want to help out, feel free to "googlebomb" the name and link as follows: Brian Leiter.

- I'm home! My whirlwind tour of America was quite an experience. There wasn't time to see much besides the universities, though I did get to see a bit of New York City and the (almost as tall!) Saguaro cactii in the Arizona desert. Best of all, I met some really wonderful people -- faculty, grad students, and fellow prospectives -- everywhere I went.

(I only wish I hadn't been so exhausted, since that made things very difficult at times! I wasn't able to meet as many people as I'd been hoping to, and with those I did... well, hopefully no-one took it personally if I seemed a bit 'out of it' at times. I hadn't expected that -- it was quite disconcerting. But oh well, at least I managed to absorb lots of information and get a feel for each place during my visit, which was the main purpose, I guess.)


  1. We folks from the US are sure glad you paid us a visit.

  2. Your trip sounded breakneck and exhausting. It must be a relief to get home and catch your breath. Good to meet you, if only very briefly and in a noisy bar. I hope to see you around next year, either at Rutgers or on the conference circuit! (Obviously, my vote is for the former!)

  3. heh if your not smart enough to get what you want on the first page of of your google search (and its a fairly high 'pidgeon ranked' site) then the universities may well be happy you can't find it.

    my guess was this
    "Ranking Of Faculties" BPhil (or philosophy)
    which seems to be the perfect search.

    "Ranking Of Departments" BPhil (or philosophy) also works well

    One could start a fun game with this...


  4. Hey Richard,

    it was a pleasure to meet you. like Jonathan, i hope to see you at rutgers as well (as i said, it'd be great to have another social/political/value theorist around).

    good luck figuring it all out.

  5. Richard, it was nice driving you around out in AZ! The Saguaro beckon!


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