Saturday, January 20, 2007

Meta-ethics Quiz

Here (HT: Siris). My results:
You scored 55 Objectivism, 63 Naturalism, and 91 Cognitivism!

There are moral facts, they can be reduced, and they can be the subjects of true or false propositions. You are probably a Naturalist. "Different philosophical doctrines travel under the heading of “naturalism.” We can usefully distinguish two broad and important categories: methodological (or M-naturalism) and substantive (or S-naturalism) (Leiter 1998; cf. Railton 1990 and Goldman 1994). Naturalism in philosophy is most often a methodological view to the effect that philosophical theorizing should be continuous with empirical inquiry in the sciences. Such a view need not presuppose a solution to the so-called “demarcation problem”—i.e., the problem of what demarcates genuine science from pseudo-science—as long as there remain clear, paradigmatic cases of successful sciences. Some M-naturalists want “continuity with” only the hard or physical sciences (Hard M-naturalists); others seek “continuity with” any successful science, natural or social (Soft M-naturalists). Soft M-naturalism is probably the dominant strand in philosophy today."

1 comment:

  1. Intuitionist
    You scored 60 Objectivism, 15 Naturalism, and 73 Cognitivism!

    If there was a nihilism axis? This might help distinguish between questions of moral fact and matters of people's actual moral reasoning.


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