Monday, January 01, 2007

Carnival of Citizens Calling

Jared at Sportive Thoughts has put out the call for submissions to the third Carnival of Citizens. The theme this time is reconciliation, though more general submissions are also welcome, so long as they advance the deliberative purpose of the carnival.

Note: The Carnival of Citizens needs your support, in any or all of the following ways:
1) Contribute with a submission!
2) Spread the word: post about it on your own blog, and encourage your readers to sign up to the carnival newsletter to keep informed about upcoming editions.
3) Volunteer to host an edition of the carnival!

P.S. I guess just one edition per month would be a more realistic goal at this stage. I do hope we can at least manage that much. To any readers who are less than perfectly inspired by the whole project (and there must be a fair few of you, given that only a couple of others have yet expressed the slightest support for the carnival), what would you suggest we do to improve the carnival?


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