Thursday, December 14, 2006


(Life's been hectic.) Regular posting should resume shortly. Hopefully tomorrow, since that's the last day for submissions to the upcoming carnival of citizens.

N.B. We need a host for the third edition. Anyone interested? The only requirement is that you support its essential "deliberative" vision, as set out in the above linked post. I'm open to any suggested dates (late Dec / early January?), optional topical theme, whatever you think would work best.

I think it'd be a tragedy if the carnival died out so soon. If you agree, do get in touch. (See sidebar for email address.)

The Philosophers' Carnival is coming up too, courtesy of Thom Brooks. Submit a post here.


  1. If you're still looking for a host, I'll gladly volunteer. I've been guilty of my fair share of mudslinging, but I find the "Carnival of Citizens" to be a good effort (redemptive if you will) for a sorely needed online ethic. An issue around the 1st week of January seems like a good time; it'd avoid the holiday season and start off the new year.

    Looking forward to your regular posts,

  2. Thanks Jared, I'll put you down for Jan 7, if you can email me to confirm.

  3. Richard-
    I sent you an e-mail, if you don't get it within half an hour or so, something went wrong. I didn't mention it in my message, but I think "reconciliation" would be a good topic for Carnival #3.

  4. No sign of it, can you try again? Make sure you've got as my address.


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