Friday, October 06, 2006


This blog saw its 200,000th visitor this morning. Thanks for dropping by. I especially appreciate those who take the time to leave helpful comments or write engaging responses on their own websites. It's those kinds of exchanges that really make this hobby worthwhile, to my mind.

There are downsides too, I guess. I'm not sure how well I've kept to my resolution to engage in a more peace-making argumentative style. (I'm tempted to plaster a cheesy motto under the blog's title as a reminder, e.g. "Battle be damned; let us learn from each other." But that's probably a tad too tacky.) Online discussions too easily degrade into pedantic point-scoring over "disputes" that lack any independent interest besides "beating" one's opponent. That's fine if you enjoy competitive debating for its own sake, but I'm starting to find that I really don't. So I think in future I'll take extra care to keep the substantive issues at the fore, and will try to refrain from responding to jibes which distract from that.

In any case, I probably won't have much time for recreational blogging this month. Too much work...



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