Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Blogoscoping Lurkery

I was commenting over at Freshblog about how carnivals and memes can develop blogging networks/communities, and it struck me that, while carnivals are great for topical communities, I also read a few blogs that are different enough that it's unlikely we'd ever interact through that medium. Perhaps simple memes are better suited for getting beyond your immediate topical 'microsphere'?

With that in mind, I'd like to propose a dual meme (take your pick):

1) Any lurkers out there with blogs of their own are invited to announce their lurkery of Philosophy, etc. on their own blogs, and then repeat the challenge anew (i.e. for any lurkers of their site).

[As always, I'm curious to learn who - if anyone - is reading this that I don't already know of... If you don't have a blog, feel free to leave a comment!]

2) Else, simply offer a unilateral confession of your own lurking elsewhere. For example, I secretly read Many to Many, The Democracy Movement, and - a new discovery - How to Live.org. How about you?



  1. Hi - I admit to being a lurker here, on and off. Pleased to meet you...


    - Sam

  2. Hi Richard. I stop in occasionally for either of two reasons: to check whether you've discussed something possibly of interest, or if I'm hunting around for info on a particular philosophical issue.

    I appreciate your efforts to discuss topics at the sort of level I can (sometimes) comprehend; this might annoy some readers who are at home with the jargon, but for non experts like me it's great to find accessible explanations and encouragement to think.

  3. Thanks Pete, that's some of the most encouraging feedback I've received in some time!

  4. Hi! I've lurked here for a month or so. I'm a displaced grad student (shoulda majored in Philosophy; stuck with Literature for now).

    I ran across your blog because I'm taking an epistemology course and was tearing my hair out over Nozick. I needed some input, and the level of thoughtfulness here helped. I'm *so* over Nozick now, but I still find the discussions here fascinating. I promise I'll comment if I have anything useful to add (I don't).

  5. I read in spurts every couple of weeks. I've posted once.


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