Sunday, July 23, 2006

Improved Recent Comments (maybe)

I'm trying out a new "recent comments" hack from Freshblog. It looks to have a lot of potential -- even picking up on new comments to old posts -- except that my new "comment blog" isn't auto-publishing properly. It only worked for the first comment that was forwarded to it. To get the other two to display I had to post them manually, which is far too much bother! Anyway, if I can't get it fixed soon, I'll have to revert back to the old hack. But I hope that won't be necessary...


  1. Hey, it's working again! Hopefully it'll stay that way now...

  2. Or maybe not, since the above comment doesn't seem to be making the list. Grrr. (I wonder if this one will?)

  3. My comment acceptance "hit rate" has gone up markedly this past day ... what about yours?

  4. Bugger ... apparently not.

  5. Hey Richard,

    How's this hack faring for you now?

    I've had ten comments sail through without problems in a row ... dare I hope Blogger has fixed its mail server?

  6. Yup, it looks to have been fixed -- see also this Blogger Status message: "We found the problem in one of our mail servers, so new emailed posts should go through normally now. You might also start seeing old messages show up that previously hadn't gone through."


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