Thursday, July 27, 2006

Book Mashups

The rules of the game:

1. Rearrange and combine the titles of two books, adding punctuation as needed. (It probably helps if at least one of them is fairly well known.)

2. Whoever is first to guess an original pair can replace that mashup with two of their own.

Here are three to get the ball rolling:
- Crime, Reason, and the Realm of Punishment
- From Animal Ethics to Farm Metaphysics
- Beyond Liberty: on good and evil



  1. 3)On Liberty and Beyond Good and Evil?

  2. Crime and Punishment / The Realm of Reason; Animal Farm / from metaphysics to ethics; as Arthur states.

    How about:
    The right theory of inventing good Ethics: The Right "and" and a wrong.


  3. Let's see, obviously _Ethics: Inventing Right and Wrong_ and the other would be _A Theory of the Good and the Right_

    How about The Nature of Evidence, Inquiry, and Necessity, to give people a bit of a hard one.

  4. We seem to be running short of replacements! (Remember, you can offer up to two new questions, especially if one is more difficult.)

    I'll meet Protagoras' "The Nature of Necessity" / "Evidence and Inquiry", and raise two:
    - Conscious Prejudice: and mind the pride!
    - Tense childhood and the philosophy of modality

  5. Richard's first is a collaboration between Austen Chalmers and David Jane, "Pride and Prejudice" / "The Conscious Mind".

    Here's one replacement:

    For Utilitarianism and Against the Wall

  6. Coming up with replacements is hard...

    1)After Language and Logic: Truth and Virtue?
    2)Fear and Loathing of the birth clinic in Las Vegas

  7. Yeah, I've gotten frustratingly close on a couple where the the's and and's didn't quite match up.

    Arthur's are "After Virtue" / "Truth, Language, and Logic" (but with an extra "and" in there!) and "Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas" / "Birth of the Clinic".

    Here are four new ones. The first is post-Marxist, the second depressing yet uplifting nonfiction, the third a piece of pop philosphy/self-help that's a three-book mashup, and the fourth a sure bestseller:

    1. Scientific Philosophy: The Structure of Ethics and the Limits of Revolutions

    2. The new folk: Brave souls, of black world

    3. Revolutions of the Heart. Escape the great darkness of scientific structure

    4. 4!/6 + 8 = 17.9 - 7 + 1

    I can't get the formatting to work out, but there is supposed to be a line above the .9 in that last one.

    One of Richard's (which I couldn't get without the aid of performance-enhancing search engines) and my previous one are still open:

    - Tense childhood and the philosophy of modality
    - For Utilitarianism and Against the Wall

  8. Holy Consciousness: the Bible Explained!

  9. I like (1) from Blar -- The Structure of Scientific Revolutions; Ethics and the Limits of Philosophy.

    This is an obvious one, but I'm amused to consider "The Critique of Pure Reasons and Persons."

  10. (2) is "Brave New World" and "The Souls of Black Folk", which I'll replace with "Kant's Second Sex Critique."

  11. A biography of Kirkegaard:

    "The Ways of God: the City of Paradox"


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