Saturday, June 10, 2006

"All things aside"?

Hmm, I just read in the paper a Jordanian quoted as saying that he was proud of Al-Zarqawi, and that "all things aside" the terrorist was better than "treasonous Americans". Does "all things aside" means the opposite of "all things considered"? I'm not sure how else one could come to his conclusion, except by setting aside all the facts. Heh. But seriously, I don't think I've come across that phrase before. I'm guessing it means something like "despite his faults" (or, more generally, "no matter all the problems")? But someone out there must know more: do enlighten me...


  1. Surely it should be used when for the most part changing the topic?
    and therefore be "all the previously mentioned things aside" or 'all [these] things aside" otherwise if you take it literally you come to your conclusion there (i.e. all facts aside!)

  2. That Jordanian is the treasoner... This is the reaction of many Jordanians! Most Jordanians condemn anyone justifying Al-Zarqawi... There were actually some people who tried to convey Al-Zarqawi as a martyr, but most of them are condemned by association!


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