Wednesday, May 03, 2006


Incidentally, I must say I'm rather stoked to have one of my posts referenced by Dave Chalmers in his latest paper! [Update: well, it's technically a "response" rather than a "paper", but close enough for my liking ;-).]

I also learned (last year) that Ben Bradley cites me in his paper, 'A Paradox for Some Theories of Welfare' [PDF], which is forthcoming in the journal Philosophical Studies.

So that's all quite cool. It'll be interesting to see if there's more interaction between journals and blogs as the latter develop.


  1. Richard, wow! Congrats on the cites. I wonder if, one day, when you're working on tenure, you can put these in your citation index. I certainly don't see why not. But a citation from Chalmers is pretty impressive, especially when it's about something he's spent the last decade or so studying. Way to go.

  2. Are you planning on publishing any articles yourself in any journals?
    or possibly co-writing one with someone?

  3. Thanks Chris!

    G. - I don't have any immediate plans. But one day, certainly. (I wouldn't get very far in academia otherwise!) It might be cool if that weren't necessary, e.g. if it were enough to merely self-publish on a blog, with other philosophers noticing and responding well to posts of adequate quality. But I can't see the revolution happening any time soon. Perhaps just as well. The blind peer review process has its place, after all. Though there's really no reason for academics to subsidize commercial publishers in this day and age; they should instead organize their own open-access ventures, like the Philosophers' Imprint.

  4. What fun! Three words for you: up and coming!

  5. I guess there is a sort of first mover advantage going on here. The old journals will always have a certain prestige and people will be reluctant to accept a new one is good because it is so difficult for it to prove it is good (and most people just won’t check if it isn’t famous).
    Anyway I think it is a good idea to try to publish - it doesn’t require that much effort (I mean you write and do research anyway, and it’s great for credibility in lots of circles. (Especially if you are published in better papers than your lecturer’s heh)

  6. Nicely done.

    I should strongly echo what Genius says, aiming at publishing is the thing to do, especially while you are still pre-PHD. A publication at this stage will make your eventual CV even more impressive, and so that tenured post even more likely.


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