Saturday, April 01, 2006


Oh dear, I just found out that a UK student has been caught for plagiarising my Raven Paradox essay. At least they have good taste ;-). But seriously, how stupid do you have to be to not realize that your lecturers have heard of "Google" too?


  1. what is cool is that they told you :)

  2. That's really lame, good for them!

  3. I wonder what grade they were going to get for it? Aren't you a little bit curious?

  4. *shrug*, I assume A+. That's what I got for the original, and the UK lecturer was kind enough to mention (in his email) that he liked the essay.

  5. I think you must immediately take this post down. The fact is that many of them assume we haven't heard of google and quite frankly, it is how I catch nearly all my cheaters.

    That being said, none have had the good taste to cheat from you yet but when I teach intro to phil next semester, maybe we'll get lucky.

  6. You shouldn't take it down just because people copy from it - they will just copy the next ranking decent essay on Google so you would have removed it for no decent reason at all.

    then again the discovery of one more good essay might well prove all students are cheaters... heh

    I use Google too but haven’t found anyone stealing a whole essay - just paragraphs (sometimes multiple paragraphs from the same essay of course).

  7. G., I think he was joking about *this* post needing to be taken down, due to its containing the top-secret information that professors can google too :-)

    "when I teach intro to phil next semester, maybe we'll get lucky."

    fingers crossed!


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