Monday, April 10, 2006

Philosophers' Carnival #28

[Update: The carnival is here!

It includes my post on unchanging time and the infinite past, since I expect that would have the broadest appeal. But I'd greatly appreciate any further feedback to my more technical posts on Knowing Sentences and The Counterfactual Fallacy -- especially the latter, as I believe it's an original idea, but I'm unsure how useful other philosophers might find it.]

I've received a couple of queries about this, so let me reassure readers that the next Philosophers' Carnival should be available tomorrow. (It's currently password protected because the host hasn't finished writing it.) The host had some unforeseen difficulties meeting the usual deadlines, so we've had to push the schedule back a week. Apologies for any confusion or inconvenience.

I'll update this post when the carnival is ready. I'll also email out the usual newsletter -- interested parties are encouraged to sign up via the carnival homepage.


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