Friday, March 17, 2006

Sneak-Peek Blogroll Headlines

Anyone who likes blog hacks should read this post from Singpolyma. It begins by explaining how to add "Freshtag" categories (like mine) to your Blogspot blog. The second - I think independent - part, explains how to add "peek-a-boo" headlines to your blogroll. That is, readers can click a '+' link to see the latest headlines from your blogrolled blogs, while still remaining on your page! Very convenient. (You can see an example under my 'select links' on the item page sidebar.) Anyway, if you want to add sneak-peek headlines from Philosophy, et cetera to your blog (you know you want to!), here's how you can do it:

1) Follow Singpolyma's step #1

2) For his step #2, use the code:

<div id="PhilosophyEtcheadlines" style="display:none;"><i>Loading...</i></div>

3) For his step #3, use the code:

<a id="PhilosophyEtclink" href="javascript:toggleitem('PhilosophyEtcheadlines', 'PhilosophyEtclink','-'); load_otherblog_titles('','pixnaps','PhilosophyEtc', '', 'PhilosophyEtcheadlines');">+</a>

(You might need to remove the spaces after the commas -- I merely inserted them for display purposes.)

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  1. I thought it could be useful to note here that if a person implementing this uses FreshTags (mine or other) categories on their blog that it will pull in headlines by tag where possible (ie, when the user has a tag selected) and that 'recent from feed' headlines come when no tag is selected (or if there is no tag-selection mechanism)


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