Friday, January 06, 2006

Expandable Sidebar and Ads Poll

With thanks to Hallq for the reminder, I've finally gotten around to adding 'expandable' functionality to my sidebar. (The linked post also offers instructions for expandable posts and comments, if you want either of those. I've already done the former, of course. Expandable comments are a tempting idea, but I think my main and archive pages are large enough already without loading in all the comments as well.)

Anyway, now my oversized blogroll is automatically compressed, and any interested readers must click the heading to make it expand. (The links should still count as usual for Google, TTLB, and other 'ranking' purposes.) I've taken advantage of the extra space to also include an expandable list of 'Favourite Posts' from this blog, organized into "light" reading accessible to general audiences, and "heavy" stuff that would probably only interest other philosophers.

Any suggestions are welcome, as always -- whether regarding the featured posts lists, or general template / site-design issues.

Also, I worry about whether the Google Ads might be annoying my valued readers (you!) too much. They're intended to target one-off visitors who come via a search query or whatever. It'd be neat to only have them display conditionally, say using a cookie to identify return visitors who select a "no ads" option. But I don't know how to write such code. (If anyone else does, do let me know!) In the past my advice has simply been to download Firefox and install the adblock extension.

But I'd like to check whether readers aren't willing to use Firefox (for whatever bad reasons) would strongly prefer that I get rid of the ads. They earn me about $10 per month, which is pretty useless anyway, though of course any free money is helpful to students! But if they're much hated then I'll consider trashing them. And if no-one cares then that'll put my mind at ease, and I can go back to forgetting all about them. Please take a moment to vote in the poll on my sidebar, and/or add further remarks in comments here. Thanks!

Update: The poll javascript is doing weird things to my template. So much for that idea. Feel free to leave a comment if you feel strongly, and otherwise I'll assume you don't care :)



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