Tuesday, December 13, 2005

Political Stereotype Quiz

Like Brandon, I'm Green...

Which political sterotype are you?

Green - You believe that small economic units should control the goods, and that the government should be permissive of "victimless crimes," respectful of civil liberties and very strict towards big business. You also believe in either a socialist tax structure or more power to local communities. You think that environmental policies should be written into law. Your historical role model is Ralph Nader.
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  1. I am also Green. Or at least I was, until I went back and changed one of the answers that I was ambivalent about and discovered that I am Republican. So I am actually a cross between Ralph Nader and Ronald Reagan, as I suspected all along.

  2. I am apparently a socialist...Eugene Debs has always been a hero of mine.

    How did you put it into your website like that?

  3. They offer an "html code" option on their results page.


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