Saturday, December 10, 2005

Philosophical Prophecies

Scott Hagaman has sought my oracular insight into philosophy's future. Close examination of the ideal form of a palm yields the following foretelling:
Philosophy will face an unprecedented methodological crisis, triggered when a young logician-turned-experimental philosopher publishes a groundbreaking article, 'We Met the Liar and It was Us', relating a survey finding that most people consider surveys to be an unreliable route to philosophical truth. Excited by the possibilities for new forms of self-referentiality, more mainstream philosophers think up elaborate new thought-experiments which pump the intuition that thought experiments are not to be trusted either. Once the novelty wears off, these breakthroughs leave many philosophers feeling lost and betrayed by the logic they long held dear. The next generation all speak French.

In light of future events, I must recognize that the above prophecy is but one text among others, and the platonic form of a palm is open to many interpretations. Feel free to add your own.



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