Thursday, December 08, 2005


Many thanks to Charles and Neil for keeping this blog updated with interesting content over the last week. I've archived their posts under the Guests and Columns category for future reference. If you've enjoyed their guest posts, be sure to check out their home blogs (linked in the names above).

The next Philosophers' Carnival is fast approaching. Get your entries in today or tomorrow!

The conference was great fun -- lots of interesting discussion (some of which I hope to blog about soon) and friendly people. I was stoked that Dave Chalmers remembered my name, though Alex later pointed out that I was wearing a name tag ;)

Update: I've done some renovating:

1) Archives turned into a drop-down menu using this hack.

2) Expandable posts made genuinely expandable (i.e. remaining on the main page) using this hack.

3) A rough automated comments feed is now available here, though I don't yet know how reliable it is.

4) Category tags displayed in sidebar menu using this hack. Note that I've removed the old category links, though they can be found under the "OldCategories" option in the new menu.

Finally, you may have noticed that Google's pay-per-click ads are now appearing on the main page too. I hope it doesn't irritate regular readers too much -- as previously noted, Firefox users can always block them out.


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  1. Just FYI -- my tag sidebar hack tends to be more useful if you put the first n chars of your post into the 'extended' field

    You also may be interested in a new service/hack I've created for better comment feeds


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